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Our Mission

An innovative approach for a winning strategy

Our expertise focuses on mid size corporations often started on an original idea but requiring assistance to consolidate their business activities and pursue expansion.

Being also accredited as “Expert Market International (EMI - ESE)” by the AWEX, ACLIMEX participates to the International Market Expertise Program of the AWEX and is consequently in position to offer several days of support to small companies (less than 10 people) looking to improve their exposure on international basis. This support is fully taken in charge by the Awex.

Our Mission:

Aclimex is committed to deliver the best value to increase its customers' exposure in their current and future marketplace.

Our Expertise : Business & Market development

We give advice ... and generate actions !

20 years experience in B-to-B international sales allow Aclimex to identify the “Business & Market Development” activities to support sales as the most cost effective way:

  • to ensure market penetration for new applications
  • to strengthen company position with its existing customer base.

Establishing international sales partner networks to multiply business opportunities is a concept we explore diligently.

Acting also as “Expert Market International EMI” ( ex-ESE) accredited by AWEX, ACLIMEX participates to an export program dedicated to small companies (less than 10 people) looking to establish or improve their Export plan. The cost of such support is fully taken in charge by the Awex.

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How do we do ?

Aclimex delivers a SWOT analysis as an essential tool for decision makers.

The SWOT Analysis (Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats) is a strategic analytical tool that combines the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, in a given territory, to deliver a service or a product and identifies and develops the most appropriate strategy.

As a result of our SWOT analysis we understand and fine tune internal and external factors, thus making us capable to maximize Strengths and Opportunities while we minimize Threats and Weaknesses.

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