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Robust solutions for Public Lighting sector
LED road marking
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LED induction magnetic
Plastic connection
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Steel poles
Connection box
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LED road marking

Looking to meet the public authorities' request to develop robust LED lighting solutions to secure our roads, ACLIMEX (Liège) has created a wide range of LED Lighting Bollards that are now installed within many cities in Wallonia .
Each solution is validated with the support of the installers as result to be the best compromise between main constrains for Robustness-Visibility-Cost.
For our cities, solutions are well intended to revamp at a reasonable cost existing old installations for which we replace energy-consuming lamps with LEDs up-dated solutions.

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LEDs technology is particularly well adapted to meet the needs of Smart Cities.
Beyond their functional aspect, the choice of an installation is motivated by the characteristics of the road studs such as their load resistance to snow plow , salt, water, their intelligence, their connectivity, their autonomy ( as solar ), their innovative aspect ... even revolutionary in the case of magnetic induction road studs

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Induction Magnetic LED lamp

In terms of innovation, the magnetic induction applied to LED makes it possible to use plastic connections, so that there is no danger of electrocution for the population and no risk of corrosion: the SPW, pioneer in Europe in the use in public places this revolutionary technology has integrated these lamps with plastic connections into safety bollards for high-risk areas at the exit of highways (yellow bollard ).
These same recessed spotlights are also used for any urban development, park, fountains, public or private buildings, ....

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Steel poles and LED lamp accessories

In view of recent decision to replace the NaLP lamps with LED lighting solutions, Aclimex has created a comprehensive range of Connection Box that are well intended to our strong cable sections (up to 50²).
ACLIMEX, with support of all relevant stakeholders in Public Lighting in Wallonia, has been able to work with experienced European partners and develop a range of solutions adapted to the reality of the field.

For steel poles

Eternal Pole Europe (Holl ): Certified CE pole distribution platform stocked and dispatched from Holland –

For terminal blocks and connection boxes

This has conducted to establish fruitful collaborations based on exclusivity agreement with :

ABEL Lighting (France): IP44 Class 2 connection Box
FTG (Germany): Terminal Blocks
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