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2018 – July : ORES Certification ( July 2018) : OSP and NON-OSP LED Safety solutions for Belgian Cities - LUM2015-267 (OSP): SR45 (Uni-directionnal) - SR48 (bi-directionnal) - SR70 (view at 360°) - LUM2018-329 (Non OSP) : very cost effective LED solution for typical yellow lighting safety bollards in Belgium

2018- June
After having tuned numerous of solutions specific for the Public Lighting sector in Wallonia , Aclimex is pleased to have signed agreement with Ignidon (near Mechelen ) to extend our sales into the Flanders area.

2018- March: Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 : being exclusive distributor for Belgium of the robust LED road markings of SERNIS Portugal, Aclimex is very proud to announce that SERNIS wins the Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 Innovation Award with its SR90, an intelligent system for physical speed reduction ( see attached relevant video ) .

2018 February : Salon des mandataires 2018 - (8 and 9 Feb 2018 - WEX) : thanks to the support of its partners, Aclimex has developed and extended its range of products for Public Lighting sector ( FR or UK ) with innovative solutions such as : a prefabricated crosswalk pavement including LED markings, dynamic safety signalization for tramway/train platform , new induction magnetic lamps, Aluminium poles ... All will be exposed during these 2 days: you are more than welcome to visit us on our Booth 4F32 . The prefabricated crosswalk LED KIT is also exposed on booth of PREFER (1C14) .

Ineletc 2017 ( Basel - 12 to 16 sept 2017) : in view of the positive reaction of the Swiss market with regards our Inground Waterproof LED lamps using Plastic Connection , we will expose with CA-Nuance our last innovations with Induction Magnetic applied on LED such as Adjustable Lamp, COB technology, Plug & Light Road Studs .... Feel free to visit us on our booth Hall 1.0 / B12. 

Suisse Public 2017 (Bern - 13 to 16 june 2017) : Switzerland is usually looking for Strong and Robust solutions for Public Lighting Sector. Thanks to the experience of Aclimex Belgium for delivery of robust cost-effective solutions for securing our roads in Belgium, with the support of our partner CA-Nuance in Switzerland, we are pleased to exhibit relevant experienced solution such as LED with Induction Magnetic, Waterproof LED IP68, snowplow and salt resistant inground road studs, steel poles for street lighting ... We do hope to see you on our booth Hall1.2 /A08.

Eternal Sun CE certified EN 1090 for High Masts & Columns (Jan. 2017):  Besides our CE Certification for steel poles that are produced according to EN40-5 standards since 2012, we are pleased to announce today that Eternal Sun has now attained the CE certification in accordance with EN 1090 Class 2 which is mostly intended to our High Masts and Columns for Power Supply / Utilities / Telecom sectors. EN 1090 certification covers the assessment of our Factory Production Control (FPC) system and resulting Welding Quality Management (WQM) procedures, required for producers of steelwork able to manufacture very tough High Tensile steel grade having Tensile Strength up to 950 Mpa. The FPC includes written policies and procedures about processes, implemented actions and as well as the maintenance and improvement of the performance. We are continuously investing into our Human and Technical resources which are key for obtaining such certification which :

  • certifies employee qualifications;
  • proves we have the required technical equipment.

Thanks to the EN 1090 certification, we can label our High Masts with the CE-mark as proof of compliance with the strict European Construction Products Regulation.

Salon des mandataires 2017 - (16 to 17 Febr 2017) : this fair is an excellent opportunity to showcase the comprehensive range of cost-effective solutions we have built in view of the Belgian Public Lighting sector (FR - UK) : besides accessories such as Ballast Monobloc , EPDM gaskets for poles,.... we will focus mostly on the LED Lighting for Inground Safety Bollard (Borne Lumineuse à LED ) and well as the intelligence we can bring inside our SERNIS Road Studs (Port.) in the context of Smart Cities. You are more than welcome to visit us on our Booth 6D19.

Electro-Tec 2016 - (Switzerland - Sept 2016) - In Switzerland, due to heavy snow, large T° variation, humidity, condensation, salt, snowplow , ... this is very demanding market to have reliable strong Inground LED solutions. Together with our partner CA-Nuance , we have presented our experienced LED IP68 solutions such as Induction Magnetic of Colin Light (China) as well as SERNIS Road Studs (Port.) which are both technology that meets their market expectations. See our Booth.

Exclusivity Agreement on SERNIS Road Studs ( june 2016) : after successful introduction of the LED road studs to the Belgian Authorities (SPW, ORES, ...: see brochure in FR - UK ), Aclimex Belgium has been appointed by SERNIS Portugal as Exclusive Distributor for the Belgian market for its LED Road Studs that are well intended to secure our roads which request robust and intelligent technology (water and snow plow resistance, salt, heavy truck load, traffic management system ...): see our summary of delivery program at  FR - UK.

Salon des mandataires 2016 - ( 18 to 19 Febr 2016) : Aclimex is participating again to this 2016 event to showcase its new Capabilities (FR - UK)  for : 1/ CE certified steel poles from PS Lichtmasten (Holland) , 2/ LED Road Studs from SERNIS (Portugal) , 3/ LED by Induction Magnetic from Colin Light (China) as well as numerous of other promising solutions under development such as Induction Magnetic for SERNIS Road Studs  (FR - UK), Ballast Monobloc for 131W NaLP Sodium lamp, flexible cover for safety bollard (FR- UK) , .... Let us meet to our booth 6D10

SWISSBAU 2016 (Basel - 12 to 16 Jan 2016) : following our successful market introduction of the LED with Induction Magnetic in Switzerland last year, decision has been taken by our partner CA-Nuance to exhibit our water resistant IP68 LED solutions using Plastic Connections for the most demanding applications such as LED for in ground or under water ... or even under snow context. Welcome to visit us on CA-Nuance Booth Hall 2.0 / C23.

INELTEC 2015 (Basel - 8 to 11 Sept 2015) : thanks to the participation of our partner CA -Nuance in Switzerland, we are pleased to exhibit our last development of Magnetic Induction solutions during INELTEC which is a professionnal fair dedicated to the technology for Building and Infrastructure. Feel free to visit us on CA-Nuance Booth Hall 1.1 / D32.

ORES (Belg) has validated the LED Road Stud SR45-SR48-SR70 of SERNIS (Portugal - june 2015) : thanks to its outstanding mechanical resistance to heavy load charge (up to 135to), ORES (Belg) has selected SERNIS road studs as robust and cost-effective Inground LED safety luminaire IP68 to secure our roads : certificate (LUM-2015-267), technical data sheet and test report of ORES on is available upon request to or via

Salon des mandataires 2015 - (12 to 13 Febr 2015) : Alongside its range of Inground LED lighting solutions and steel poles dedicated to Public Lighting Sector, Aclimex is developing numerous of cost-effective solutions that are customized and well intended for Public Lighting / Road Maintenance companies. Feel free to see our Delivery Program for Public Lighting ( FR) ( - UK ) and to visit us on our Booth 6D10.

Piscine Global 2014 - (18 to 21 Nov 2014) : Thanks to its good understanding of the Magnetic Induction applied on the LED lighting sector, Colin Light has created a large range of 100% safe LED IP 68 solutions that are well intended to the most demanding “Inground and Underwater” applications. Feel free to visit us on Booth 5F49 to see some of our specific LED IP68 Product ( FR or in UK) for swimming pool, fountain, inground lamps, ...

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